Tay Anderson EXPANDS Denver Public School Militarized Police Force

Denver Public School Board Secretary and Director at-Large Tay Anderson (who we don’t like) proudly pins a Tweet in which he boasts that the Denver Public School District has “voted 7-0 to END the contract with the Denver Police Department!” But what does this mean exactly?


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Auontai Marckeise Anderson “Tay”

Hi, I’m Auontai Marckeise Anderson “Tay“. I was born on July 5th, 1998. I attended Manuel High School in Denver, Colorado.

I am the current At Large School Board Director and Secretary of the Board for Denver City Public Schools District. I am a public servant, public figure, and public office holder. I am held to a different standard than a “regular citizen”.


My emails are:
Personal: auontaia@gmail.com
Official: tay.anderson@dpsk12.org

My phone number is:
Cell phone number: 720.641.5150.

If you would like to send me flyers or protest at my house, like I do at the houses of people I don’t like, my current address is: 1475 N Humboldt St., Denver, Colorado 80218 Apartment Number 27. See you soon?

For all of my publicly available information click here.

Make sure to follow all of my social media:

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